South African Nuclear News

7 October 2016: Civil bodies have no nuclear legal case - Rosatom

7 October 2016: Eskom calls for less haste until IRP in place

6 October 2016: Rosatom still "upbeat" about nuclear bid

13 September 2016: Nuclear industry welcomes request for proposals

13 September 2016: NIASA calls for transparent procurement process

13 September 2016: Cost of nuclear build premature, untested - industry body

13 September 2016: Mooted nuclear power estimations still premature

12 September 2016: NIASA calls for local content in nuclear energy programme

12 September 2016: Spotlight on localization as South Africa prepares for RFP

12 September 2016: Nuclear Industry Association of South Africa welcomes RFP date

8 September 2016: Nuclear power is the only sensible way to go

20 June 2016: Eastern Cape ready for nuclear roll-out

Nuclear - Everything you need to know - Alexander Kirillov - Rosatom Africa

29 April 2016: Identifying advantages, disadvantages and associated risks of nuclear energy

12 April 2016: South Africa can manage a nuclear programme

12 April 2016: Where is the extra base-load generation we need?

5 April 2016: Nuclear is not too costly and should remain part of SA’s energy mix

18 March 2016: Russian, SA unions differ on nuclear job opportunities

18 March 2016: Nuclear will plunge SA into ‘junk status’ - economist

17 March 2016: Unpacking the history behind South Africa’s nuclear sector and future build programme

9 March 2016: French showcase nuclear localisation model as they eye South Africa programme

28 January 2016: Antinuclear camp should not snub programme on costs alone, says Niasa MD

25 January 2016: Nuclear: ‘It’s a buyers’ market’

8 January 2016: Why Koeberg nuclear project was a success - expert

30 December 2015: Ex-Koeberg nuclear plant worker lashes out at SA plans

27 November 2015: S.Africa could lose $69bn by 2030 if nuclear is thrown out, say economists

27 November 2015: Nene will not sign up government for R500bn nuclear bill, says Louw

26 November 2015: Thumbs up for SA nuclear power plants

4 November 2015: Molefe: SA can't do without nuclear

4 November 2015: Nuclear procurement will be transparent - Necsa

4 November 2015: SA poised to make decision on nuclear energy providers

4 November 2015: SA barking up the wrong nuclear tree - expert

3 November 2015: Benefits of nuclear power more sustainable than renewable energy

1 November 2015: Renewables are not enough and nuclear energy solutions are ready-to-roll

30 October 2015: Benefits of nuclear more sustainable than renewable energy

15 October 2015: Questions that need to be asked about SA's nuclear programme

6 October 2015: SA becomes global renewable energy leader

16 September 2015: Nuclear a base-load powerhouse - BusinessDay

15 September 2015: South Africa's nuclear procurement will be transparent – Nene

11 September 2015: Nuclear costs are likely to be lower than feared

11 September 2015: ‘Affordability’ must underpin South Africa’s power investment decisions - Ramaphosa

7 September 2015: WATCH: SA is not at the back of a queue, says Rosatom

20 August 2015: Manufacturing lobby group questions South Africa’s ‘risky’ nuclear plan

14 August 2015: Nuclear can pay its own way

22 July 2015: SA nuclear corporation tells MPs it is ready for nuclear new build programme

14 July 2015: Nuclear energy procurement process to start this month, budget not revealed

25 June 2015: Nuclear energy a 'secure' option for South Africa – Adam

19 May 2015: South Africa procurement within the year

4 May 2015: Need for SA nuclear programme clear – Oxford Business Group

1 April 2015: New handbook outlines ingredients of ‘perfect’ African power purchase agreement
19 March 2015: Chinese nuclear firm shares localisation lessons with S Africa
19 March 2015: Standards fundamental for nuclear manufacturers
5 March 2015: Areva says SA nuclear ambitions intact despite major restructuring plan
3 March 2015: Uncertainty and misperceptions drive up nuclear costs
18 Feb 2015: Department plans to tap new power sources
2 Feb 2015: Unit 1 of Koeberg is currently being synchronised back into service
19 Jan 2015: NECSA Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the Safari 1 Nuclear Reactor – 18 March 2015
8 Jan 2015: ROB ADAM: Waiting for the signal
22 Dec 2014: SA’s nuclear project: politics, not economics, will determine winners
12 Dec 2014: Cost of nuclear-generated electricity the most predictable
9 Dec 2014: Can Eskom keep the lights on?
12 Nov 2014: Renewable energy ‘fundamentally too weak’ to provide grid power, says economist
4 Nov 2014: South Africa’s energy system on knife-edge – NPC commissioner
3 Nov 2014: Establishment of nuclear network for local researchers, agencies being debated
10 Oct 2014: Zuma gives go-ahead for France nuclear cooperation deal
8 Oct 2014: Nuclear deal: Russian agency has its say
25 Sept 2014: Russia and South Africa signed the agreement on strategic partnership in nuclear energy

Thuyspunt Nuclear Power Station - Environmental Impact Assessments